About Kubio

We are a united group, collaborating with each other to support our clients.

Kubio gives your business an opportunity to leverage the combined knowledge, experience and relationships of likeminded finance intermediaries, to help grow your business and network – and transform the way commercial finance broking services are done in Australia.

Kubio is a collective group of independent commercial finance brokers.

The four commercial broking firms, Allfin Financial Services, BKK Finance, Heritage Property Finance and Stamford Capital, represent over 5,000 business customers, worth more than $1.5 billion in lending per year.

It provides a new way of doing business. We have established an unparalleled finance network, sharing knowledge and experience from our brokers to drive change in the industry.

The diverse nationwide network can match business clients with the most suitable and experienced commercial brokers in their local area based on their finance needs - from property and equipment, to cash flow or specific industry loans.

The brokers’ success is underpinned by our new fintech platform, providing the latest systems for scalable business efficiencies. It provides more flexible, fast solutions and a better experience for clients through its advanced business origination platform. Less time on administration means more time to focus on your clients and their businesses, with data and insights at the broker's fingertips to help them make the best decisions.

In an industry where trust and relationships are paramount, we will deliver a big win for Australian borrowers. And most importantly, our brokers keep their independence while benefiting from the power of the collective group, all backed by Macquarie Group.

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